Corporate design
  • 3 logo designs
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Stamp
  • Envelope
  • E-mail signature
Unique design

A unique webdesign rich in details. In this package you are free to change the design during the working period.

Responsive site

Your website will be optimized for tablets and smartphones, allowing great user experience.

Unlimited number of subpages

We will create as many subpages on your website as you would like.

Administration screen

You can easily manage your website through your administration screen. You can create new pictures, posts and texts or delete them. We will teach you how to use it. (It’s included in the price.)

Slideshow module

We will place a slideshow module on your main page that includes up to 10 different images. You can define how often these images should change and in what order.

Embedding YouTube videos
You can embed YouTube videos on your page.
Facebook integration

We will integrate your Facebook page into your website, so visitors can like and share posts on your site.


With Google Analytics you can find all the necessary information about your visitors: the number of them, how they found you site, what country or city they are from, real-time visitor numbers as well as many other useful bits of information that can be utilized in many ways.

Stock photos
Our partner company has millions of properly licensed images. You can choose up to 50 of them that can be used for your website. This way you can avoid any copyright infringement that can arise from improperly used photos.
500 business cards
We will create 500 business cards for you and your company.
2 personal meetings

Before we start to work, one of our colleagues will visit you at your premises to learn more about your profile and to get a better picture of your business. This is available after signing the contract.

Unlimited Skype conferences
During the course of the work questions may arise from both your side and the Carbon Web team. The most efficient way to quickly solve problems is a Skype call that you can make unlimited times.
2-year guarantee
We offer a 2-year guarantee on the operation of your website. We fix errors such as non-working buttons and dead links.
3-month delivery time

Within 3 months after signing the contract and the successful payment of the pre-payment invoice, your website will be ready and operational.

Message sending system

Message sending system: the visitor can send a message through your website to an arbitrary e-mail address.

Enquiry module
The visitor can send you a price enquiry through your website.
Language switching module
The visitor can switch the language of your website.
Registration option

The visitor can register to your website, giving valuable information about himself/herself.

Newsletter sending system
The visitors may subscribe to your newsletters that you can send directly to them through your Administration Screen.
On Site SEO

During the course of the work we pay particular attention to a search engine friendly content and design.


You can create galleries on your subpages, so you can introduce your product, factory etc. in a more detailed fashion.

Marketing consultation

One of our marketing professionals will give you marketing advices.

Target group survey

Before we start to work on your website we will do an overall survey to find your target audience to help us create your website. By using this information you can also advertise more cost-efficiently at a later time.

Competitor analysis

We will analize 4-6 potential competitors of your choice.

You can create your own blog on your website.
Unique programming up to 20 hours
Fulfilling your unique programming needs in up to 20 hours.
Handling different administration levels

We will create different administration access levels for your administration screen, so your employee, for example, can only edit the content that you allow.

Paying with Barion

We will integrate Barion into your website which your customers can utilize for payment.

Paying with credit card

Paying with credit card will be an option on your website. We can also contact your bank if necessary.

Product filter

Your customers will be able to use filters for your products: size, color, price, new products etc. We will create as many of them as you wish.

Product comparison
Your customers will be able to compare your products, which provides easier choice.
Product zoom

When your customers hover the cursor over a product, they can view it in a larger size.

Pop up module
When a customers arrives at your page, a pop-up window can appear with arbitrary content, for example discounts, promo codes etc.
Changing currency
By a single click it converts the price of a product to a selectable currency on either a fixed or a continuously updated exchange rate.
Promo code system

Before buying one or more products an arbitrary promo code can be applied to get a discount, and the system will automatically reduce the final price. Discount can be applied to any product, either to a single one or a group of products.

Related products

On the datasheet of the product the system will automatically offer related products to the customer.

'Ask about the product' module
On the datasheet of the product the customer can ask questions about it which you receive via e-mail with product ID allowing you to reply immediately.
Set of products

When buying a certain product, the system will offer more related products. By purchasing all of them, a special discount can be applied. For example, if a customer buys jewellery, the system will offer him a jewellery box that can be purchased with a 10% discount.

Payment conditions
Mutual agreement.

Price From:

€ 3100.-



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Tax number: 24195320-2-04

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Co. Registration number: 04-09-012133


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